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ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges, Honey-Lemon, 18 Count

ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges, Honey-Lemon, 18 Count

ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges, Honey-Lemon, 18 Count

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Product Definition:

  • RELIEF FROM DRY MOUTH: ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges are specially formulated with xylitol to help moisturize mouth tissue to soothe & refresh a dry mouth. The great tasting formula also freshens breath.
  • SOOTHING MOISTURE & PROTECTION: ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges deliver the soothing moisturization you need & they can also help protect from increased risk of cavities, gingivitis (gum disease) & bad breath
  • DRY MOUTH AFFECTS MANY: Dry mouth results from reduced or absent saliva. The most common cause of dry mouth is medication use, with more than 500 prescribed drugs listing dry mouth as a side effect
  • ACT FRESHENS BREATH: Fresh breath is one of the benefits of good oral health care. ACT's lozenges and mouthwashes come in a variety of flavors and leave your mouth feeling cool, clean, and fresh.
  • CLINICAL STRENGTH: From our clinically proven fluoride rinses to our great tasting kid's toothpaste, whitening & dry mouth products, everything we produce is backed by science & rooted in decades of experience.

Product Description:

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