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Electric Battery Operated Toothbrush Waterproof

Electric Battery Operated Toothbrush Waterproof

Electric Battery Operated Toothbrush Waterproof


1 Set New Design Battery Operated Electric Toothbrush Waterproof Dental Care Revolving Toothbrush Heads + 3 Nozzles Oral Hygiene


Name: Rotary electric toothbrush

Color: gules, green, blue, violet

Material: ABS

Power supply: 2 sections 5th dry cell( not include)

Brush hair material: DuPont endurance silk elastic bristles

1. Revolving electric toothbrush, provides exceptional brushing experience.
2. The end of the bristle is polished round thoroughly, effectively removes plaque without hurting the gums and teeth enamel.
3.Rotates at 7500 turns / minute and cleans the teeth effectively, removes up to 2 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
4. Closed type switch on the handle, safe and water resistant, not easy to slide.
5. Imported DuPont bristle, soft and tippy, can extend into the depths of teeth and effectively remove bacteria.
6. The base is offered to place brush handle and heads.
7. The four brush head are equipped with dust-proof shield, sanitary and wholesome.
8. The leakage hole in the back of the brush, convenient to leak water when brushing teeth.
9. The brush body adopts ABS material, safe and high quality
10. High-speed rotating, slight vibration, can promote oral blood circulation and massage the gums organizations.


Package Include

1 handle

4 brush head

4 Brush head dust-proof cover

1 base seat



























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